China vs. USA

China vs. USA is the flagship podcast of the Three Kingdoms Institute and explores China’s rising power and U.S.-China geostrategic competition.

In 2014, the predecessor version of this show, China Takes Over the World, explored similar issues. In the intervening years, China has become dramatically more powerful as U.S.-China competition has become significantly more pronounced.

In 2020, China Takes Over the World was revived and rebranded as China vs. USA to continue highlighting China’s global ambitions and their impact on America and beyond.

Many in the West have feared–and many in China have hoped–that China would dominate the world in the 21st century. In 2020, China has indeed taken over the world, but unintentionally, by bequeathing the globe with the COVID-19 virus. 

As the pandemic wreaked havoc in countries near and far, China openly flaunted its authoritarianism, whether by shamelessly blaming the U.S. military as the source of the coronavirus, pressuring the World Health Organization to do its bidding, barring the export of personal protective equipment, or bragging about its draconian lockdowns as the superior way to combat the virus. As if that’s not enough, China currently keeps a million-plus Muslims in internment camps and recently passed a new national security law that essentially ended the “one country, two systems” framework under which it had promised to govern Hong Kong until 2047. 

Meanwhile, China has taken center stage as America’s most serious strategic threat and geopolitical adversary. As the trade war with the United States raged during the first term of the Trump administration, China’s economic might continued to speak loudly and at times obnoxiously, through everything from state-directed foreign investments to restrictions on foreign entities doing business in China to brazen intellectual property theft and cyber espionage. 

Additionally, China is bullying neighbors with whom it has maritime disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea, and challenging the freedom of navigation in heavily trafficked international waters.

Yet, America needs better commentary and analysis on China. Legitimate criticism of China should not be condemned as racist, and safeguarding U.S. interests should not mean recklessly pining for armed conflict.

We promise a show that covers the pressing China-related issues of the day and is accessible to everyone. We also promise lively and provocative commentary, not lectures or sanctimony.

In 2014, China Takes Over the World aired every Saturday morning on Radio Television Hong Kong, the city’s public broadcast station. Today, the city is at the forefront of confronting the encroachments of Chinese authoritarianism.

China vs. USA airs on Ricochet, a popular conservative podcast platform, and will cover historical moments like the Hong Kong democracy movement with objectivity and intellectual rigor. Hosted by Ying Ma, the show will also examine the national interests and policy options of the United States.

The last episode of China Takes Over the World ended with the recitation of a poem from the famed Chinese historical novel, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The poem is reproduced in Chinese below. We hope the discussions on China vs. USA will be worthy of the historical significance of the moment in which we live.





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