Anti-Asian Violence

The frequency and brutality of anti-Asian violence in recent months have sent shockwaves across the country. Americans of all colors and ethnicities are appalled by the heinous crimes, but politicians and the media have not met the moment. Instead, they have been largely unable or unwilling to speak honestly about the issue.

Many have blamed President Donald Trump and white supremacy for the spike in violence. Although anecdotal evidence shows that resentment and hostility from white Americans toward Asian Americans have risen due to the COVID pandemic, reports and raw video footage reveal that many of the most horrific attacks have been committed by non-whites in urban areas that did not vote for Trump.

Three Kingdoms Institute President Ying Ma has been a leading voice on the issue of anti-Asian violence and racism for over two decades, and has consistently called for truth and justice, law and order, and racial dialogue and reconciliation. Her memoir, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, describes the ugliness and regularity of anti-Asian attacks in inner-city America as well as the kindness and decency from ordinary Americans that allow communities to prevail over hate and brokenness.

Ms. Ma has been a frequent guest on cable news discussing the current wave of anti-Asian violence and racism. In April 2021, she was instrumental in bringing together the Coalition for Law, Order, and Equality, a national group of nonpartisan Asian-American organizations and individuals advocating for concrete solutions, including 1) an end to race-based affirmative action, 2) increased police patrols in Asian neighborhoods, and 3) prosecution, condemnation, and identification of the perpetrators without regard to race.

Under Ms. Ma’s leadership, the Three Kingdoms Institute is committed to combating anti-Asian violence and racism. We will hold the media and political leaders responsible, help document anti-Asian racism and violence truthfully, and facilitate an honest national conversation between Asian Americans and other racial groups.

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